UTEE: Make your own
Celina Matthews
good to protect your work surface, plus it lets you play with the UTEE (you can pour it directly on the mat or smear the UTEE on it to make
shapes); the tongs are so useful in dipping smaller items into the UTEE, and the spatula is awesome for mixing (nothing sticks to it!).

A great way to use UTEE is to make your own embellishments for scrapbook pages. Maybe there is one embellishment that
you favor and can make more of by making a mold of it then using UTEE to make more.

These are the containers of putty in Ranger's Mold N' Pour. There are many brands and types of compounds to
                    make molds from. Mold N' Pour is one of the most readily available. All you have to do is take equal amounts of
                    the purple putty and the white and knead them together. Make a lip around the sides so that you are able to pour
                    UTEE into it then press whatever object you wish to make a mold of into the compound. Let it set for 10 minutes.
                    The mold with be rubbery and flexible, so that it is easy to pop out the items once they are set.

Here is a mold of a cabochon rose.

This is the Ranger Melting Pot and it has a specific setting for melting UTEE.

                Pour the UTEE into the melting pot; whichever color you choose. Clear UTEE is pictured here.

UTEE comes in many colors, including Clear, Black, White, Metallics, and Primaries.

                     Do not overfill the melting pot with UTEE because it will be difficult to pour.
                     There is a Max fill line on the inside of the pot.

Pour the melted UTEE into the mold. Careful not to                                               Let the UTEE set for 3 - 5 minutes
overfill or you will get a lip around the item. If you do                                              or until cooled. This stuff is HOT,
get drips or a lip around the item, you can usually                                                  so be careful not to get this on
snap it off or trim it from the item.                                                                            your skin.


                     This is the embellishment from the mold.

Here is UTEE in a push mold for modeling clay.                                           If you decide to use store-bought
                                                                                                molds, make sure to check the
                                                                                                temperatures they can take. Some
                                                                                                molds are not made for high heat
                                                                                                and will lose all detail due to melting.

                     This is the embellishment out of the push mold. Clear doesn't show as much detail as the other colors.

You can also drip small drops of UTEE on you non-stick matt to make what look like glass pebbles.

                     And you can use colored UTEE drips to make pretty embellishments that look like pearls. You can glue these in
                     shapes to make flourishes.

UTEE lends itself to many creative uses and is a lot of fun to play with. And one great thing is that if you mess up, you can throw the UTEE
back into the melting pot, re-melt it, and use it all over again!

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